DIME 139 of the Woodhaven and Forest Hills sections
of Queens, began writing in 1972 under the name THE KID.

His subway painting career was at its height during the
mid 70s. He wrote mainly on the IND & BMT divisions.

DIME 139 attended the High school of Art and Design,
where he rubbed elbows with popular writers of the time;
like BOMB ONE, DON ONE of the MAFIA crew, and SHADOW.

At Art and Design he was appointed President of the Queens
division of SSB by DEFIE and Dr. J-127 who served as senior
President and Vice President of SSB, respectively.

DIME's focus on wild style lettering gained the respect and admiration of
his fellow writers. He was among the infamous crew who participated in the
creation of the legendary subway Freedom Train of 1976, widely known
as the Caine One Freedom Train.

The following year he retired from subway painting.